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The Syrian Revolution and Italy’s contribution in conflict communication

In the spirit of european principles and the EU’s latter actions to take control over the Arab Spring, to support people’s rights and opinions and to stop governance’s abuse of power, the European Union should examine Italian private activities that violates various human rights in Syria in order to put an end to all those who try to foment totalitarian leadership in our time, especially in Syria. First of all, over the last year, more than 3.500 lives represented the

The Show must go ON! #greekrevolution

“Empty spaces, what are we living for…?”  These lyrics of the famous song by Queen – came to my mind recently after reading an article from a Greek journalist about the current situation in Greece! His article describes a very pessimistic view of the economic and social state in Greece, which is now suffering from a collapsed system that so far reproduces decay, corruption, justice impunity and the worst of all the danger to bankrupt not only from money but

Participation by children and youth in the Czech Republic

We can hear really from everywhere about participation in nowadays, but what does it mean? Are we able to participate or not? Sure, everyone can participate, lots of children and youth are scared of this word, but they do not know what does it mean, and what is it about. But then they know and when they can prepare some activities for the others and after that they have to say I have learned something new and I can use

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