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My useful memories from Bruxelles

After we had returned home from Aachen, I’ve started to take more attention of nations which were participated. I can better judge the national political situations, because I know personally their characters.   I see the biggest benefit in monitoring the European crisis. We can rudly talk about German-Greek economical fights. After we’ve visited the European council with our guide, it really contributes to gain comprehensive picture of the whole situation. I don’t want to slander someone, who is responsible

Competition and Morality in the European Union

The article is intended to draw attention on the possible incompatibility between two of the cornerstones of the European Union: competition and morality. My observations are going to be made from a economic – ethical perspective by using comments of prominent characters like: M. Weber, A. Smith, K. Marx, F. von Hayek. I come from the generation and from that particular corner of Europe, where we grew up with the dream of the Union. Under the current developments, I cannot

Estonia is adopting the € tomorrow!

Tomorrow on 1 January 2011 the Eurozone is going to have it’s 17th member – Estonia. The Baltic Tiger, as the country was known before the economic crisis as being one of the world’s fastest growing economies, aimed to adopt the Euro in 2007. Due to not meeting the inflation criterion, the date was postponed several times. Replacing the current currency, the kroon, has brought very different opinions out to the public. Estonian government has been critizised a lot for

Economical crisis = human crisis?

The bankrupcy in the United States in 2008 evoked the economical crisis which  spread in the world, hit a huge amount of the states and obviously changed the level of living in the whole world. The unemployment rate, which used to stand on its average of 5%, grew to 9 or 10%. Millions of people have been unemployed and a lot of youth had to change their plans for the future; either by finding a job in order to support

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