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To follow or not to follow your dream


Have you ever asked yourself “Is this what I really want to do?” while listening to one of your professors in university giving a lecture? Do you ever have second thoughts about whether you’ve chosen the right path? Although there are no precise studies about the number of people who are following a university directly related to their skills and passions, there are some estimations suggesting that only about 27% of young people are currently working in the field they

The stems of Dexter

chemistry3 copy

If you’re reading this chances are you used to love watching Dexter’s Lab when you were a kid. Or, even better, you dreamed of being a paleontologist when you were gonna grow up cause nothing was cooler than dinosaurs. Or at the very least you liked to fiddle with all sorts of funny jars with insects and spiders, cooking up all sorts of experiments. You had it in you to be a scientist. You even begged your folks to get

Life of a Computer Science student in Estonia.

Computer at work

We, Estonians are proud of our IT accomplishments. When we meet a foreigner then one of the first things we usually say to somehow position ourselves is that “We made the Skype”. That’s true and we also have properly working e-government, e-banking etc. Life seems to be all like flowers and rainbows as we have internet everywhere and everything can be done online. That puts a lot of pressure on developers and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) students as expectations

Why should Romanian students come back after studying abroad?

euro students

We can see an increase in the rate of discussions about the exodus of Romanian students to universities in Europe and the US and a decrease in the numbers of students that are coming back to Romania after that. Without going astray, we can conclude that the stories of Romanian students that remain abroad are mostly success stories while those who come back to the country of origin are sometimes daunting. Undoubtedly, the fact that Romanian students have access to

We are the future… Aber…


This one was posted on my blog on January 17, 2011 and I decicided to share here as well. The students of the moment are the future.. bla bla bla. Yes, we are aware of that. Ok, so maybe we just got it now, as we start to look in the mirror, smile and see that facial expression (I prefer to call them so than young wrinkles) and realize that we are growing up. Here we are taking decisions, building

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