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We are the future… Aber…

This one was posted on my blog on January 17, 2011 and I decicided to share here as well. The students of the moment are the future.. bla bla bla. Yes, we are aware of that. Ok, so maybe we just got it now, as we start to look in the mirror, smile and see that facial expression (I prefer to call them so than young wrinkles) and realize that we are growing up. Here we are taking decisions, building

To be Bologna or not to be Bologna?

In the last months a hot topic has been debated over and over again not only between students but also between the academic bodies. It seems that in Germany this reform has not been taken so easily mainly by students and companies, who are making hard differences between people studying in the new system. Strikes have overwhelmed Germany and a consensus seems far away. I give below the word to one active member of the academic bodies here in Germany

Migration 3

Migration in the 19th, 20th and 21st century – at the example of the Ruhr Valley area Young people travel through Europe and they work and also study in other countries. This has become normal in our times. Mostly these are however short stays for some months or half a year. 150 years ago the immigration from East Europe to Germany was a life decision. It drew many young men to the Ruhr Valley area to work in the coal

European Education

We are now citizens of a new economic, social, cultural environmental, but how much do we know about it, and more important how much do we learn about it? While I was sitting in one of the lectures at my university the professor asked: “How many states are members of the European Union?” The room suddenly went quiet. Good question, one may think! Now I will confess that after this lesson, I was walking on the street thinking how it

Society is angry! Enough is enough!

Society is angry People can´t stand anymore! Greekes will remember December of 2008 as a month were the country was in the grip of something that, in modern timeas at least, they have never knowen: fear, loathing, a sense of helplessness an despair… The situation is explosive, socially and economicall. The economic crisis, poverty, economic scandals, corruption of leadership…urges people to react! At some point the lid was going to burst. Youth on the roades struggle for their future which

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