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Romania’s Csángó population is defined depending on the context and who makes that definition. A politically correct definition could be “the population (the Romanian and Hungarian speech with some variations) mainly from Moldova (Bacau County – North-East), of Catholic religion, with disputed origins: People who define themselves as living Csángós and other regions.” The Csángós are studied, not only for the analytical aspects of their identity in the context of Romanian society, but because they are a perfect illustration of

Presidential elections in Germany and Poland

Germany and Poland were seeking for new presidents. Both elections became necessary because of special circumstances. So, the fact that the Polish citizens and the German population got a new president in these days is equal. Beside this there are some remarkable differences in the election process and in the power of the presidents. The Polish president Lech Kaczyński – in power since 2005 – died in an air crash on the 10th April 2010 together with 96 people on

Europa wählt ein neues Parlament

In dieser Woche ist es wieder soweit das neue Europa wählt ein neues Parlament. Zum 7. Mal wird es bereits gewählt und diesmal mit ca. 375 Millionen wahlberechtigten Europäern aus den 27. Mitgliedsstaaten der EU. Vom 4.-7. Juni finden die Wahlen für das 7. europäische Parlament statt. Das europäische Parlament wird für 5 Jahre gewählt und entscheidet über die wichtigsten Regelungen der EU. In Deutschland wird am Sonntag gewählt. Es ist ein großes Wahljahr in Deutschland im Gange. Unter anderem

Barack Obama, the president of the hope?

Elections for a renewal of the United States. The American elections of November 2008 made election of Barack Obama to replace George Bush. A few months after, it is a question for him of officially taking its succession with the head of the country whereas the international context is not ideal. In November 2008, the succession of George W. Bush was to be decided. Voters, having the choice between John Mac Cain and Barack Obama selected this last to control

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