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We are now citizens of a new economic, social, cultural environmental, but how much do we know about it, and more important how much do we learn about it? While I was sitting in one of the lectures at my university the professor asked: “How many states are members of the European Union?” The room suddenly went quiet. Good question, one may think! Now I will confess that after this lesson, I was walking on the street thinking how it

EuroNews 02-2007, Euroboard – News from Europe

Denial, son forbidden in Europe? Until summer 2007 the denial of the Holocaust and other genocides as well as the agitation of racism should be forbidden throughout Europe. A planned EU-decision intends to work against racism and fascism. The planned punishments of the denial of historical facts are controversial. Up to now the denial of the Holocaust is punishable only in nine of 27 EU states, namely in: Germany, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

EuroNews 02-2007, Europe, with a positive attitude

EU-Much more than money I am occupied with the subject Europe at the moment in a very intensive way, indeed, but the subject area limits itself to a very small area. Within the scope of my dissertation I deal with the distribution of the funds and the distribution fights linked with it. I deal with the topic limited to the new several years’ financial framework “Agenda 2007” and the money in the area of structural policies. And I must admit,

EuroNews 07-2006, Students on the Move

ERASMUS makes it possible The Finnish National Holiday, the Lithuanian Independence, St Patrick’s Day and the Swedish Midsummer Day – an ERASMUS student has a lot to celebrate. Last year I was one of the approximately 63.157 students who participate in the ERASMUS program each year. They get the chance to study at a European university. The program is part of the Socrates II program that advances the cooperation in the field of education throughout Europe. Erasmus emphasizes on improve

EuroNews 07-2006, Erasmus projects at german universities in the area of „Nordrhein-Westfalen”

The “Erasmus-project” is a side-program of the “Sokrates-program” which was created by the european union for the border-crossing co-operation in different areas of common education. The name Erasmus in this case contains actions for universities. Especially the “stay abroad” of students and university teachers is being promoted. This is where you can read what other students of the european union have experienced during their “Erasmus-time”. www.erasmus-berichte.de

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