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My Hometown – Võru

Well, before you can hear about my hometown, try to pronounce it.  It is pretty tough, I know. Only real Estonian will cope with it. So take your time and visit Võru. The town is located in south-eastern Estonia. With its 13 000 inhabitatnts it is the 10th biggest town of the country. Võru was founded in 1784 according to the wish of Catherine II. If I should say out why I love the place then probably because it is the

Lowering the voting age is a vital move in Estonia

Over the last few years, the subject of lowering the voting age at local government elections has been one of the most common political topics among young people in Estonia. This year, Estonian National Youth Council and political youth organizations have put their backs together and turned  political approach to the Estonian Ministry of Justice and to the Estonian Parliament. The case for lowering the voting age is determined by demographic changes, whereby the youth has less and less political

Gestapo and KGB – Past and present

When thinking about secret police, the first organizations that usually come on our mind are KGB (also known as NKVD and MGB) and Gestapo. To young people these organizations are also known from different movies, TV-shows and documentaries. Though, those two organisations were located in different parts of Europe and under different rules, the aim of them was the same – to protect the power and retain dictatorship. People were eavesdropped, dissidents were sent into dark cold prisons and cellars.

HIV in Estonia

HIV (short for human immunodeficiency virus) is a lentivirus (the virus has a long incubation period) and causes AIDS (short for acquired immunodeficiency system).  AIDS causes people to loose their immune system and so their organism becomes open to opportunistic infections and cancers. HI-virus is infectious and spreads by the transfer of body fluids. According to National Institute for Health Development HIV’s triumph in Estonia began in 1988 and since then the number of diagnosed HIV positives has grown. In

Life of a Computer Science student in Estonia.

We, Estonians are proud of our IT accomplishments. When we meet a foreigner then one of the first things we usually say to somehow position ourselves is that “We made the Skype”. That’s true and we also have properly working e-government, e-banking etc. Life seems to be all like flowers and rainbows as we have internet everywhere and everything can be done online. That puts a lot of pressure on developers and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) students as expectations

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