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Romania’s Csángó population is defined depending on the context and who makes that definition. A politically correct definition could be “the population (the Romanian and Hungarian speech with some variations) mainly from Moldova (Bacau County – North-East), of Catholic religion, with disputed origins: People who define themselves as living Csángós and other regions.” The Csángós are studied, not only for the analytical aspects of their identity in the context of Romanian society, but because they are a perfect illustration of

13 colonies in European style?

Currently, there are lots of questions about how should EU develop itself. I am going to react on the idea of so called “United states of Europe”. General idea First of all, I want to make the idea of United states of Europe (USE) clear. This concept is based on the belief that European Union will be as strong as (or even stronger than) the USA according to its large population, economic power, low inflation rates, favourable climate and the

Impossible Integration – psychological perspective

A lot of people are  broad-minded. A lot of people are tolerant. A lot of people also try to treat members of different nations and ethnic groups as their own.  So why is the integration still a topic in European countries?  Psychologists have done exhaustive research into this problem and the results may provide some interesting insights. Implicit Association Test(IAT) is a tool for measuring unconscious prejudice. The logic behind it is quite complicated, but the main principle is that

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