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European (?) Capital of Culture

European Parliament

In this crisis times and after 50 years of the European Union project come into existence, how can the young Europeans reinforce their sense of belonging to a union that seems more utopic every day? Against all the nationalistic movements created on this times how can an event like the European Capital of Culture trigger a sense of citizenship all over Europe? Especially when in geographic and practical terms the event’s consequences are measured at a local or national level.

Brussel’s hertz frequency

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How – The questions you should have in mind before coming to the European capital to report Brussels from Brussels. With this practical guide-book we do our utmost to provide you all the information you will need to navigate in the European Institutions, to find useful and official sources and to digest, after all, the bureaucratic information for your listeners. Your voice and your communication skills will do the rest – helping you to

Generation 1992 to the main stage please!

The European Commission has launched a creativity contest through which young people that are exactly 20 years old can make their own vision about the European common market known. The contest is called Generation 1992 and it marks the passing of 20 years since the unique European market was established. Now the European market unites 27 countries and allows free circulation of merchandise, capital, people and services. The articles expected for submission should be from the following categories: education and

A great family – Europe

Every day we hear talking about the “European Citizenship”, but I wonder how many of us really understand this concept. It may be too complex or too simplistic, but I consider really necessary for every single person to understand this topic, in order to achieve a sense of belonging. While the EU is neither a state nor is it expected to turn into one in the future, European citizenship policy has always been linked to particular, albeit differing ways of

Competition and Morality in the European Union

The article is intended to draw attention on the possible incompatibility between two of the cornerstones of the European Union: competition and morality. My observations are going to be made from a economic – ethical perspective by using comments of prominent characters like: M. Weber, A. Smith, K. Marx, F. von Hayek. I come from the generation and from that particular corner of Europe, where we grew up with the dream of the Union. Under the current developments, I cannot

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