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Christmas shopping fever

Beautiful decorated Christmas tree and cities, a men dressed as Santa Claus, „Kevin alone at Home” – which everyone already saw, a songs like „ All I want for Christmas is you..” which we can hear in gallery center, and an old men who looks like a Santa Claus decorate a bottle of coca-cola. What is that for? Yes..Christmas is coming… Christmas time is a beautiful and expected period in our life. We want to spend Christmas quietly and with

Life on the street

  They are everywhere, in bigger and smaller cities. Homeless associated with Dirty, ragged and destroyed by alcohol.Who in reality are these people? Why they landed on the street? Is there no prospects for them?    The phenomenon of homelessness is not one universal definition. His understanding depends not only on the level of civilization, but the culture of a region of the world. However, the problem is getting worse.   Homelessness is an example of social pathology and marginalization.