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What I feared most before Erasmus

Had a late night last night and had to wake up early for the 5th consecutive day to do a 10-minute errand with my fellow ERASMUS mates that couldn’t wait until the afternoon. Makes me wonder whether they think everyone likes to wake up at 8am on a free day to get out of their comfortable, warm beds and go straight into the blistering cold of the German winter. At least I won’t be sleeping past breakfast, or at least

Diversity of meals

I woke up and stretched in my bed. It’s Saturday morning and I treated myself to no alarm clocks for the day, giving me the liberty to wake up at any time I desired. I wearily brushed my teeth and splashed water on my face. Last night was a bit too much on the ‘unwinding after a week of school’ side, as I recall the episodes that led to dancing to swing music in a German boy’s room with two

German food: The Differences

It was my first day in Germany, the trip went well and everything was working as it supposed to be..apart from a little detail: it was also the first time I found myself shaking like a maniac the bubbly bottle. No I wasn’t drank and I guarantee it wasn’t a beer… After shaking it for like 5 minutes I started opening the bottle, quite slow, so the gas couldn’t get out and cause any damaged. In the next days it

Incred!ble India

Already one week has passed since my arrival in India and the only thing I can say is WOW! I will finally start putting my thoughts and my observation on paper and I will do it in a rather organized matter, starting of course with the first the hit me FOOD. Although I promised I will be writing a daily review, after the first two days I realized, it would all make more sense for me and for anybody reading,

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