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An urban communal garden

Pflanzstelle, socio-cultural and urban agriculture in Cologne: A city garden community In the current context of the crisis in Europe, a sense of individualism increase between the Europeans countries and between people in a country. In a social point of view, cleavages become important between different socials classes and conditions of life. Behind these observations, some people found alternative communities who allow building social links. Then, in Germany, Cologne, I have met the “Pflanzstelle” which means the place where we

For democracy and laicité

I’ve been wondering lately why France is having such a hard time dealing with immigration and multiculturalism. When I compare my country with England, where I lived last year, I see all the many differences that oppose them. Sure, England is no saint, it has its issues as well, especially lately regarding alleged police racism. But what stroke me is the way it deals with “ex-colonies” citizens. When I look at England, I think of the cultural and religious diversity

Say yes to EVS

Usually when something is over we’ve got so many questions like “And now what? What’s next?”. I asked myself the same question after my graduation. And now what? What’s next? When we have just finished school we also ask the same. We all are wondering what we want to study, to work, but may be after the university you really realize that you’re adult and this makes everything quite complicated. The first piece of mind is “Oh my God, I

My EVS in France

France is famous for its refined wines, delicious cheese, castles and culture. What I discovered, however, is that France is much more than that. I went there as an EVS Volunteer in a small town in the south of France – Ganges and spent 4 months there this spring. European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a programme of the EU that gives all young Europeans between 18 and 30 years, the chance to live and work as volunteers in another country

German-French Friendship

I’m a student from Marseille in France and in the course of my studies I am in training in an international context in Germany, more precisely in the center of aktuelles forum nrw. I decided to write this article on the relationship between France and Germany, because I think it is important to study both countries with a look of exterior, knowing that I am not of French origin or Germany. I was born and raised in Mongolia and arrived

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