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To be Bologna or not to be Bologna?

In the last months a hot topic has been debated over and over again not only between students but also between the academic bodies. It seems that in Germany this reform has not been taken so easily mainly by students and companies, who are making hard differences between people studying in the new system. Strikes have overwhelmed Germany and a consensus seems far away. I give below the word to one active member of the academic bodies here in Germany

Development of the Europe

So as to see the differences of the periods of the Europe´s history it is necessary to commemorate the fundamental events in its development which had an ineffaceable influence on Europe´s historical flow. The great events such The Second World War and the subsequent political regime held in the Soviet Union stigmatized successive political, cultural and economical development of its countries. World War I (1914-1918), broked out by austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand´s assassination which later spread worldwide, brought 15 millions

Barack Obama, the president of the hope?

Elections for a renewal of the United States. The American elections of November 2008 made election of Barack Obama to replace George Bush. A few months after, it is a question for him of officially taking its succession with the head of the country whereas the international context is not ideal. In November 2008, the succession of George W. Bush was to be decided. Voters, having the choice between John Mac Cain and Barack Obama selected this last to control

Sport is very important

There are many reasons to do sport It is good for the body and it is nice to sport with other people. When you come home after school and you have learned many times it is a good idea to relax. So a lot of people take chips and crisps or other bad things and watch TV. But you have no social contact with other people. And most of all you become fat when you do that many times. So

EuroNews 02-2007, Euroboard – News from Europe

Denial, son forbidden in Europe? Until summer 2007 the denial of the Holocaust and other genocides as well as the agitation of racism should be forbidden throughout Europe. A planned EU-decision intends to work against racism and fascism. The planned punishments of the denial of historical facts are controversial. Up to now the denial of the Holocaust is punishable only in nine of 27 EU states, namely in: Germany, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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