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“Imperialists out of Africa!”

I was invited to a very interesting event in Cologne. Next to the huge, ancient Dom there was a crowd listening to the voice of Mudjacka Mvunuku. “We want to have the independence to vote without any influence from Europe. Just the voice of the people! Uhuru”, he says through the microphone. On the 28th November the Democratic Republic of Kongo is going to vote a new president. It is assumed that imperialists like Europe or America always have their

What money can’t buy

At least once a week you go to the supermarket and buy some food. Then you pay the price printed on the receipt. When you have your car repaired or your hair cut, you pay according to the price list.  The world has become a market place these days – we only give as much as we take. That is how the system works, that is how our world is built and we assume this is correct and fair. Can

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