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Strange World We Live in

– Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America (1933-1945) Immigration is part of history. This process has been ongoing during the whole journey of man-kind. The reasons for these people to immigrate include both positive and negative factors, such as immigrating in order to reunite with their families or even due to negative aspects such as the hope of having a better quality of life due to the miserable conditions that they live in. But the current

We are a resource, not a problem!

Members of FutureLab Europe provide the perspective of young people on the current crisis Europe’s youth has been hit hard by the economic crisis. Unprecedented levels of youth unemployment, emigration and disaffection have earned Europe’s current cohort of young people the unenviable label: “lost generation”. But what does this really mean? Detailed reports from 24 European countries – EU-Members as well as Non-EU-Countries – compiled by FutureLab Europe indicate how young Europeans perceive their situation. The experience of the economic

From 80’s disco to future space sounds with room4space

The story of inspiration and what keep us together – music “See you again…” on repeat, a few months since I heard this track for the first time and I’m still wondering to write or not to write to these guys. I wanted so badly to have even one of them in our radio’s team… and I’ve listened to some mixes by room4space, which was my final push to write him. So I wrote him an invitation to join in.

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