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The two sides of refugees’ education in Greece

School boys

“Today me and Katerina went to the refugees’ camp for our lesson and almost half the class was missing. We should have noticed what have happened because of the silence that was all over the room and the students’ faces that were sad. ”Where are the other guys” I asked “did they miss school again?” and someone answered the obvious answer that they were deported. Our smiles were gone “this is the end!” I said and it was a stupid

Greece in our minds!


Last “European Youth Voice Seminar” took place in Athens, the capital of Greece. One of the main aims of this seminar was – for the participants from 10 countries (Poland, Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria and Spain) – to become more familiar with the situation in Greece and Europe in general during the Crisis, as well as, help us to understand some of the main principles of the Greek society and mentality which can only be

More crisis, less democracy?


In the last few years when the world mass media refer to Greece there is only one theme; the financial crisis. Reporters and analysts discuss for long about unemployment rate, austerity measures and budget cuts. But is it all about money? In Greece, there is the sense that the crisis except economy has affected democracy in a very negative way. Recently, the government shut down suddenly the Public Broadcaster (ERT). It was a pointless decision since ERT was a profitable



Nowadays, we live in a world full of changes in all aspects of life due to one of the most serious economic recessions ever existed. A highly affected sector is the labor market. We all know to what extent unemployment level across Europe has increased and how negatively this situation impacted unemployed people’s psychology and perspectives. Such has been the distance between the demand and the offer of employment that enterprises have set very strict criteria when it comes to

What does Czech Youth think about Greece Youth?

What do the Czech Youth means about the Greece Youth in nowadays?

For the beginning we have to start with ice breaking, understanding and knowing each other. And we have to leave us from the information which are we getting through the Czech media, when we after long time get anything. And actually for better understanding the situation is necessary to know each other, but let´s try it for now without it. What do Czech Youth mean about Greece Youth? I asked few of Youths and they started to think about it,

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