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What does Czech Youth think about Greece Youth?

For the beginning we have to start with ice breaking, understanding and knowing each other. And we have to leave us from the information which are we getting through the Czech media, when we after long time get anything. And actually for better understanding the situation is necessary to know each other, but let´s try it for now without it. What do Czech Youth mean about Greece Youth? I asked few of Youths and they started to think about it,

Newspapers in Greece

Greece is a small European country, located on the southern part of Balkan peninsula. It’s population is about 11,5 million inhabitants and at the same time more than 4 million are concentrated in the capital, Athens. This is a very interesting point about the way information is being transmitted in Greece. Newspapers in Greece have played a very important role in political life. After the fall of the Dictatorship (1974), the press has been going through a process of modernization.

Meeting with young people from the Greek Community in Cologne

While we were in Germany during the meeting of the “European Youth Voice” we had the chance to visit the Greek community of Cologne. It was a great experience for me, as a Greek, because I met young people who live in Germany and we discussed about their problems and how is their life in Germany. I met a girl who’s name is Despina, she was born in Germany and then moved to Greece but she came back after seven

As a human being remember that you share a common destiny with other people

«Κοινή γαρ η τύχη και το μέλλον αόρατον»  «As.. fate is common and the future invisible» Our era is characterized by large disparities even when technological development is rapid. This kind of development has helped some parts of the world to live in prosperity. And I am not referring to the, lately multi-advertized, (especially in the Land of Falseness ) 1% of the population, the high-tec wealth-accumulator, but to significant large parts of the world population, which saw their living

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