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Remembering and understanding… the lessons of history

Patrick meets us at the entrance of a small church in the heart of Cologne – Ehrenfeld. We are about to learn that this place has a huge and interesting historical wealth. As if to set the mood it starts raining as the guide begins his story. He’s about to tell us about the time right before the beginning of the Second World War and events happened during the war in this particular place. If you take a look at

There is strength in us, the power is in us – view of the “Majdanek” concentration camp in Lublin.

It was 1941, when on the area of Lublin lands was been created German Nazi death camp.  Infernal machine of evil designed to eliminate the painful and humiliating race Jews, Poles and Soviet prisoners of war. Within 3 years of operation were killed in the, ”Majdanek” more than 875 000 people. We do not intend to show the same story, we want to show the strength of spirit that lies within each of us. “Majdanek” harsh reality for many during

As a human being remember that you share a common destiny with other people

«Κοινή γαρ η τύχη και το μέλλον αόρατον»  «As.. fate is common and the future invisible» Our era is characterized by large disparities even when technological development is rapid. This kind of development has helped some parts of the world to live in prosperity. And I am not referring to the, lately multi-advertized, (especially in the Land of Falseness ) 1% of the population, the high-tec wealth-accumulator, but to significant large parts of the world population, which saw their living

The fear of a national identity

When we talk about identity, we usually mean our personal identity. When we talk about European identity, we refer to our cultural identity in Europe. But what actually happens when we talk about national identity? Does it mean to celebrate your national soccer team during the world championship or to raise your flag in order to proof your national pride?  “Islam belongs to Germany.” German Federal President Christian Wulff expresses himself to the argumentative Sarrazin debates (Thilo Sarrazin wrote a

Nationality today and Personal identity

From the lessons we were taught at school it would seem, that European nations have lived side by side with each other for the whole history of mankind.  Sometimes peacefully, sometimes fighting, but always as strictly distinct groups divided by a clear line.  But this view of the world is  quiet flawed. Surprisingly, the concept of nationality as a salient and widespread characteristic of a person doesn`t actually go further than the 17th century.  Till then, you would hardly hear

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