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United in Diversity

“…our interests can no longer be separated from those of our neighbors. Either we all loose, or we all win” Martin Schulz said in his acceptance speech after he was elected president of the European Parliament. European Union has to face a challenge. In an era of super mobility and super diversity, how do people develop the capacity to live with difference? History has shown a hardening of attitudes towards ‘others’ in difficult times. But nowadays things are worst, we

21 words that cannot be translated

I find it harder and harder to locate a relatable knowledge base that can provide solid academic ground for research (or the result of other people research) while mentaining a close to the young approach. “TED-ideas worth spreading” has been around since 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design and has naturally expanded into a global community with content of high quality on all related fields. The two annual TED conferences, in Long Beach

Personal online identity, why and how?

I remember when I first started studying social media during my internship in London, at Chelgate Public Relations, in 2007. I was assigned the task to prepare a short presentation on why and how social media could impact their activity. As a web developer, I have witnessed the evolution of social media right from the beginning: starting with the first blogs and the concept of RSS feeds, followed by the phenomenon of bookmark sharing through Digg or Delicious and up

The fear of a national identity

When we talk about identity, we usually mean our personal identity. When we talk about European identity, we refer to our cultural identity in Europe. But what actually happens when we talk about national identity? Does it mean to celebrate your national soccer team during the world championship or to raise your flag in order to proof your national pride?  “Islam belongs to Germany.” German Federal President Christian Wulff expresses himself to the argumentative Sarrazin debates (Thilo Sarrazin wrote a


Part IV – The North and the South Estonia “Is that a new brand of Vodka?!” “-Which of nations are the richest in the world? -Estonians! -Why? -Because they are not fast enough to spend their salaries!” You know you are from Estonian when… 1. You attended a song festival at least once either as a performer or as a spectator. 2. You declare your taxes on the internet like all modern people 3. You actually believed for a while

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