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Incred!ble India

Already one week has passed since my arrival in India and the only thing I can say is WOW! I will finally start putting my thoughts and my observation on paper and I will do it in a rather organized matter, starting of course with the first the hit me FOOD. Although I promised I will be writing a daily review, after the first two days I realized, it would all make more sense for me and for anybody reading,

Going south for the winter

It is said that when you wish really badly for something and you concentrate your energy in really achieving it, the universe helps you. And so my wish since summer of 2008 was to someday see India and…there it is, December 2010 with a heck of year behind me, I finally got my dream accomplished: I am on the plane to INDIA!!! As this is not your regular kind of vacation nor is it normal kind of business trip, I