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They just can’t understand I have friends from other countries

What role plays nationalism in your country? What role it plays among young people? And do you find it dangerous? That were questions we asked ten young participants of intercultural week in Cologne. They provided us with answers from different countries of the EU to develop general picture about notion of nationalism in Europe. Georgi Georgiev, Bulgaria (21) In Bulgaria, nationalism influence mainly older people, who are already retired. It is because there is not much tolerance between different social

Being a tourist in Germany: Ruhr area

Do you know that feeling when you visit a new country? All the emotions, the expectations and the plans that you make for spending a great time there? Oh well, this is the same old story… or not. Why is it different? Because Germany is different, because it is a country where everything is happenning different from a region to another. As an example, even the education system is different in each area. The country is different even though each

Advance Planning Visit in Duisburg, 10 – 12 September 2010

This advance planning visit was very important for the preparation of the editorial staff meeting in November. The project is called: On a way to a cosmopolitan Europe – a challenge for generations. Round forty people will meet in Duisburg for one week and discuss about the European future, write about migration and learn something about European journalism. The group leaders from each country came together and talked about the seminar in November. There is a lot of work to