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Football boom cannot be stopped by crisis

Most of Europe´s famous and “richest” football clubs have high debts, but it does not effect in the boom in football business. When will the big bubble of debts explode? Short look on different clubs and their debts, clubs which already overreached themselves and the connection to the economic crisis. Manchester United, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Borussia Dortmund, PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon and it would be easy to extend the list. Almost every club in Europe has debts or contracts

The Syrian Revolution and Italy’s contribution in conflict communication

In the spirit of european principles and the EU’s latter actions to take control over the Arab Spring, to support people’s rights and opinions and to stop governance’s abuse of power, the European Union should examine Italian private activities that violates various human rights in Syria in order to put an end to all those who try to foment totalitarian leadership in our time, especially in Syria. First of all, over the last year, more than 3.500 lives represented the

Sport is very important

There are many reasons to do sport It is good for the body and it is nice to sport with other people. When you come home after school and you have learned many times it is a good idea to relax. So a lot of people take chips and crisps or other bad things and watch TV. But you have no social contact with other people. And most of all you become fat when you do that many times. So

EuroNews 01-2007, Euroboard

News from the Internet 1. Knowledge Contest “Lidice for 21st Century” Lidice Memorial, an allowance organization of the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic and the Military Historical Institute Prague would like to announce the 2nd year of the knowledge contest “Lidice for 21st Century”. The patronage over the contest was taken over by the minister of Culture of Czech Republic and the minister of Education, Youth and Physical Training. The contest is for children and youth from the whole

EuroNews 01-2007, Queen Masłowska

A young Polish author. Poland has originated a new, young generation of authors and female authors. Dorota Maslowska is one of them. In the following we introduce her. Dorota Maslowska was born the 3th July of 1983 in Wejherowo, a small town in the north of Poland. When she was nineteen, she was supposed to learn into her final exam but in the meantime she started writing her first book called “The polish-Russian war under the white-red flag”. Pawel Dunin-Wąsowicz

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