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To investigate or not?

“If you publish it, something can happen to your family.” “We know where you live.” Many investigative journalists often hear such sentences. They are being threatened in everyday life. ¬†Although we live in 21st century in the times of democracy, in reality even in Europe we don`t always have the freedom of speech. ¬†What should the journalist do if they are being threatened? Just go to the police? What if the police was the one who is threatening us? On

ThinkYoung and EYV new cooperation

The think tank “ThinkYoung” and European Youth Voice start a cooperation. What is ThinkYoung? ThinkYoung can be a life style, a way of thinking or a state of mind but it much more than that. ThinkYoung is a youth think tank based in Brussels that aims to contribute to the policy making in Europe through open, fact-based surveys, researches, analysis and conferences made by European citizens under the age of 30. Apart from other project ThinkYoung is developing a writing

Are blogger the new journalists?

Are blogger journalists? Blogger are more and more present and begin to play an important role – not only since the riots in the Arab world. The FBI thinks about adding prominent bloggers to members of the press. But are people who write without a formation and without guidelines really journalists? Some time there has been a fight between Lina Ben Mhenni and the Tunisian authorities. The young woman from Tunis was feared by the mighties. She wrote on her

“Participation and Journalism”

From 25th September to 1st October 2011 the international seminar on “Participation and Journalism” took place in Aachen, Germany. Each eight young people from Estonia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria and Germany came together in the city at the boarder triangle Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. During the project week the participants produced articles, had workshops on journalism, travel writing and travel photography. Besides having workshops and writing articles, the young authors got many information on the EU and journalism

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