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The most inspirational and heartbreaking European stories about immigrants

Have you ever heard about European Press Prize? The award for excellence in journalism is organized every year and journalist from all over the Europe are trying to win it. This year was quite unique because journalists decided to write about really combustible topics and one of them was the immigration crisis. Final ceremony was held in Prague, Czech Republic and it was very emotional. Winners proved their personal courage to inform readers and viewers of the mainstream media about

Living “abroad” or how is it to be an Eastern on the West

Each of us have travelled somewhere…for a weekend trip, vacation or business trip. But can you imagine leaving your country and start living in some other part of the world? Surely you can, some of you already did. Is it harder to start living abroad or to move to the opposite side of your native country? Do you think it’s possible to be surrounded by your nation and still feel as a foreigner? Here are some thoughts of a young

What do you know about Egypt?

Do you know that Egypt is the world’s most populous Arab country and the cultural centre of the Middle East and its stability is highly important to the region? This is only one thing from a variety I have not known until I met Kleopatra Yousef*. Kleopatra works as a Junior Research Fellow at the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) in Athens. She is involved in the research project on Governance of Irregular Migration (IRMA) focusing on

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