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CL!CK About It

Cl!ck is a photography contest about the changing world, which aims at creating a mosaic of images from all over the world that would portray the local communities and their peoples struggle to survive through the motion. The official theme is: Crisis and disaster. Professional photographers and well as amateurs can send photos that capture natural disasters, political up rises, conflict, financial crisis, development crisis, urban life and climate change. Two awards will be given, one for pros and one

For democracy and laicité

I’ve been wondering lately why France is having such a hard time dealing with immigration and multiculturalism. When I compare my country with England, where I lived last year, I see all the many differences that oppose them. Sure, England is no saint, it has its issues as well, especially lately regarding alleged police racism. But what stroke me is the way it deals with “ex-colonies” citizens. When I look at England, I think of the cultural and religious diversity

Hindu Temple seen through the eyes of a christian

Imagine you are visiting Germany, that land where everything has it’s own place, everything is sober and calculated (especially the grandious chatedrals belonging to catholics). Accidentally, you find out that near by it’s situated the biggest hindu temple in Central Europe. You decide you really need something different, and you try to find the place, and try, and try…maybe due to the fact that  it’s situated outside the European culture, is also put at the outskirts of Hamm. I guess

Retailing dreams: Or why I’m not moving yet to Germany.

5nd of Nov, 2010 (food for thought): The closer you are of achieving smth, the stressed you are you’re not doing it right, and because of that, I think I’m just trying too hard to find the perfect country to move to. It’s not like I’m going to find a serious, hard-working, not buzzing in your business nation that will adopt me. Or will I? I’d like a country where I can be financially secure. I’m not afraid of working

Impossible Integration – psychological perspective

A lot of people are  broad-minded. A lot of people are tolerant. A lot of people also try to treat members of different nations and ethnic groups as their own.  So why is the integration still a topic in European countries?  Psychologists have done exhaustive research into this problem and the results may provide some interesting insights. Implicit Association Test(IAT) is a tool for measuring unconscious prejudice. The logic behind it is quite complicated, but the main principle is that

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