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21 words that cannot be translated

I find it harder and harder to locate a relatable knowledge base that can provide solid academic ground for research (or the result of other people research) while mentaining a close to the young approach. “TED-ideas worth spreading” has been around since 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design and has naturally expanded into a global community with content of high quality on all related fields. The two annual TED conferences, in Long Beach

Language – an important part of integration in the Baltic States

Having a national minority is something which every European country has to face today. What makes integrating difficult is different religions, culture and most importantly different languages. The biggest minority of Estonia is Russians with 25% of the whole population. Language barrier is getting worse year by year. The younger generation of Estonians don’t speak Russian and the younger generation of Russians doesn’t speak Estonian language well. This is the main reason, why the communication between Estonian and Russian youngsters