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Diversity of meals

I woke up and stretched in my bed. It’s Saturday morning and I treated myself to no alarm clocks for the day, giving me the liberty to wake up at any time I desired. I wearily brushed my teeth and splashed water on my face. Last night was a bit too much on the ‘unwinding after a week of school’ side, as I recall the episodes that led to dancing to swing music in a German boy’s room with two

Language – an important part of integration in the Baltic States

Having a national minority is something which every European country has to face today. What makes integrating difficult is different religions, culture and most importantly different languages. The biggest minority of Estonia is Russians with 25% of the whole population. Language barrier is getting worse year by year. The younger generation of Estonians don’t speak Russian and the younger generation of Russians doesn’t speak Estonian language well. This is the main reason, why the communication between Estonian and Russian youngsters

EuroNews 02-2007, Euroboard – News from Europe

Denial, son forbidden in Europe? Until summer 2007 the denial of the Holocaust and other genocides as well as the agitation of racism should be forbidden throughout Europe. A planned EU-decision intends to work against racism and fascism. The planned punishments of the denial of historical facts are controversial. Up to now the denial of the Holocaust is punishable only in nine of 27 EU states, namely in: Germany, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

EuroNews 07-2006, Students on the Move

ERASMUS makes it possible The Finnish National Holiday, the Lithuanian Independence, St Patrick’s Day and the Swedish Midsummer Day – an ERASMUS student has a lot to celebrate. Last year I was one of the approximately 63.157 students who participate in the ERASMUS program each year. They get the chance to study at a European university. The program is part of the Socrates II program that advances the cooperation in the field of education throughout Europe. Erasmus emphasizes on improve