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From 80’s disco to future space sounds with room4space

The story of inspiration and what keep us together – music “See you again…” on repeat, a few months since I heard this track for the first time and I’m still wondering to write or not to write to these guys. I wanted so badly to have even one of them in our radio’s team… and I’ve listened to some mixes by room4space, which was my final push to write him. So I wrote him an invitation to join in.

Three festivals turned Tartu into a capital of culture

  In August 6-11, university town of Estonia, Tartu, hosted three festivals at once, turning the city into a real capital of culture. Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuFF, Tallinn Music Week and literature festival Prima Vista joined hands to hold a huge city festival. Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuff, organized by the International Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, was held already for the seventh time. For six days a big screen was set up in Town Hall Square, giving people

Estonia-the country where people sing

The Estonian Song festival is a tradition which Estonians have managed to maintain through decades. It it a very big festival where hundreds of choirs come together and sing national songs. It is also said that it’s one of the biggest choral events in the world. People come together in every five years in mid-summer on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The first song festival took place in 1869 in Tartu. In the first three festivals only men choirs and

Emotional journey with Soulful Traveller

From the depths of emotions, she comes. From the depths of his soul, she comes. She comes… his music. So full of emotions, so deeply touching our souls with sweet, lovely whispering lyrics of all his mixes. She tells us a story about love, emotions, feelings. About how important love is. About how important is who you are. And there he is – Soulful Traveller (Nikolay Panov). This time I don’t want to follow the conception of introducing someone with

2 in 1 – Engineer and DJ or just Jivko Yordanov a.k.a. Artone

Artone is the nickname of the young and talented producer and DJ from Sofia, Bulgaria – Engineer Jivko Yordanov. Original, deep, related and interesting are just a very small part of all the definitions of his style. He has many musical projects behind his back and with these projects he has assembled a remarkable “guard” of musicians. He works with Bulgarian and World’s labels like FLC Records (BG), Funktion Music (BG), Bastardos United (BG), Artefact Records (MK), Fairlads Digital (HU),

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