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Quest for music with George Quest

This is a feature about Bulgaria and Bulgarian DJs. When someone speaks about their country, they usually focus on the nature, the people, or the most beautiful places. But I want to share with you something different; something unusual; something about the music in my homeland – Bulgaria. “Why is this so unusual?” you would ask. It is, because I will tell you not about our national folk music, but rather about our electronic music. Have you ever felt, while

Cuban miracle

Have you ever heard about BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB? If you haven`t, just keep reading and if you had, keep reading too. Buena Vista Social Club was the music club in Havana, Cuba. The club was most famous during the 1940s. The Cuban musicians have been meeting and performing their music here. After the Cuban Revolution of 1959, the club was closed. The Europe didn`t know the Cuban music until 1990s, when Cuban musician Juan de Marcos González and American

Creative Commons – A Step Into A Shared Culture

Everyday, more and more young people download contents from the internet. Most of us do it even though we think it is crime. But the truth is content downloading is not forbiden. It all depends on what you download. For those who like free access to information and culture, here’s an invitation to discover the wonderful world of Creative Commons Licenses. Created in December 2002 by Lawrence Lessig, a university teacher at Harvard, these licenses allow the author of every

The Nice Guys From Next Door

Die netten Jungs von nebenan

Every Band’s got a story Hey Ho and viva los rockos! My name is Phil and I play the guitar in the German Band: Die netten Jungs von Nebenan (the nice guys from next door). We are from Ratingen rock city and exist since 2006. I think our style is a mix of punk rock and ska. One trumpet, two guitars, bass, drums and EY, OH,  lets GO. But to be honest, why should you go on and read this article? I mean there are

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