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Sport is very important

There are many reasons to do sport It is good for the body and it is nice to sport with other people. When you come home after school and you have learned many times it is a good idea to relax. So a lot of people take chips and crisps or other bad things and watch TV. But you have no social contact with other people. And most of all you become fat when you do that many times. So

EuroNews 02-2007, Europe, with a positive attitude

EU-Much more than money I am occupied with the subject Europe at the moment in a very intensive way, indeed, but the subject area limits itself to a very small area. Within the scope of my dissertation I deal with the distribution of the funds and the distribution fights linked with it. I deal with the topic limited to the new several years’ financial framework “Agenda 2007” and the money in the area of structural policies. And I must admit,

EuroNews 06-2006, Living where other Germans spend their vacation

A year in the Netherlands! I was still busy with my final exams at the University Duisburg-Essen when I got a call from the European Platform for Dutch Education that I could work one year in the Netherlands as a language assistant in a secondary school. Since I did not have any other job offers and the situation on the German employment market is pretty tight, I decided to accept the teaching position. I made my first contact with the

EuroNews 06-2006, Editorial

The second edition of the „Euronews“ lives up to its name. Because it is a real European online newspaper from young people for young people. In this edition the authors report from Serbia, from the Netherlands, Spain and Poland. No wonder. The journalists of the „Euronews“ live all over Europe. Their view on the topics is therefore diverse and exciting at the same time. How is it do live and work in a foreign country. This question is the main