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Prestige – an example of solidarity in Europe

In 19 november of 2002, a boat full of fueloil sank at the northwest spanish coast, in Galicia. 77.000 tons of oil were spilled and the rich ecosystem and the main economic system, and ocean lifeforms perished. The prestige problem is considered in third place of the top ten of the most expensive accidents in history. 200 km of the coast was contaminated. The prestige is a clear example of solidarity in Europe. When the fueloil sank in the Galician

“Imperialists out of Africa!”

I was invited to a very interesting event in Cologne. Next to the huge, ancient Dom there was a crowd listening to the voice of Mudjacka Mvunuku. “We want to have the independence to vote without any influence from Europe. Just the voice of the people! Uhuru”, he says through the microphone. On the 28th November the Democratic Republic of Kongo is going to vote a new president. It is assumed that imperialists like Europe or America always have their