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Participation is young

First swims in the waters of European society – a youth’s case Young people in an ageing continent; This could probably be a general sentence covering the situation of modern European society. So, although Europe is usually being referred to as the old continent, there is no denial that the young part of its population is of great number and, to my mind, also of great potential. Despite that though, during the last years an abstention of that promising group

Strategies? Stop blubbering like a baby…

As a youth worker, I find myself in the position of deciding which of these two is better: the local level or the European level. The second issue is „strategic thinking”. Tactics overwhelm strategies. Pragmatism overwhelms patience. These are my main topics and I would very much like to tackle them as strongly as possible and I will combine them into a major subject – the importance of strategy. As a Romanian citizen and a youth worker, things are getting

Participation by children and youth in the Czech Republic

We can hear really from everywhere about participation in nowadays, but what does it mean? Are we able to participate or not? Sure, everyone can participate, lots of children and youth are scared of this word, but they do not know what does it mean, and what is it about. But then they know and when they can prepare some activities for the others and after that they have to say I have learned something new and I can use

Participation and Journalism

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS International meeting in Germany, Aachen 25.09. – 01.10.2011 The project week is entitled “Participation and Journalism”. We will visit EU institutions in Brussels, have a trip to Maastricht and visit the International Newspaper Museum in Aachen. The aim is to find ways to participate within the EU, to be(come) an active European citizen and raise your voice with articles or small video pieces on our website. Everybody who is interested in writing and sharing information in an