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Homophobia in post-soviet countries

This week we spent our time with people from eleven different countries in a youth exchange program organised by “European Youth Voice”. We shared a lot of stories and experiences about refugees situation in Europe but besides that we also talked about plenty of other things. One of the topic which took our interest was attitude in different countries towards LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) people. By comparing this information we tried to look for the reasons which have formed

There is strength in us, the power is in us – view of the “Majdanek” concentration camp in Lublin.

It was 1941, when on the area of Lublin lands was been created German Nazi death camp.  Infernal machine of evil designed to eliminate the painful and humiliating race Jews, Poles and Soviet prisoners of war. Within 3 years of operation were killed in the, ”Majdanek” more than 875 000 people. We do not intend to show the same story, we want to show the strength of spirit that lies within each of us. “Majdanek” harsh reality for many during

Books and Radio together

I have always seen reading books as quite a personal moment. Just you and the text in front of you. You decide the pace of reading. You stop for some breaks for consideration. You choose the right book and the right time for reading. And you are reading the particular book! I have heard of book reading on the radio as well as audio books but I have never given a try to any of them. The thought of having

Concentration camp Majdanek

Historically, concentration camp Majdanek in Polish Lublin functioned from year 1941. It was a prison full of the Jewish, Polish and the members of the Soviet Union who worked there since morning until evening. Of course, not everyone survived in these hard conditions, so there were many people who lived in the camp only a few months. The prisoners were given to eat only a soup, tea and coffee and were sleeping up to five people on one bed. Their

What is your relation to national sports?

People from different parts of the world think different things about their national sports. I asked young people from different countries of Europe about their relations to the national sports and how they feel about it. Maria from Bulgaria – Our national and the most popular sport is certainly football. The national team does not participate in 2012  UEFA European Football Championship, but  people in Bulgaria love football and hope that the Bulgarian team will be a part of the

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