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The European Market

Europe is still confronted with the refugee crisis, but there might have been a little change regarding the distribution of migrants. There had been a big argument between Western and Eastern Europe, because the East refused the arrangement of splitting the refugees all over the European countries. “Only” 120.000 are concerned and can’t be sure about their stay in Europe, in comparison: Germany already offered asylum to more than 600.000 people in 2015. But still, in the last couple of

What is Germany heading for?

Although Germany is the biggest economy and the most important partner of the European Union our knowledge about this country is still very limited. After the Second World War Germany became a socially defeated and an economically broken country. It was disunited into two parts and occupied. At these long and bad times German society was getting prepared to integrate and win its independence back. The fall of the Berlin Wall on 9th November 1989 was the beginning of the

Spot on Human Rights

Where does it lead to, when important international events take part in countries where human rights are disregarded? Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2012 in Azerbaijan, UEFA championship 2012 in Ukraine, Winter Olympics 2014 in Russia and FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Currently the UEFA championship takes place in Poland and Ukraine and a few weeks ago the ESC was celebrated in Baku. The discussion on human rights connected to the host countries of events like that started again. In

Nigeria – Telling stories is one thing, sharing them another

In terms of revolutionary movements and active resistances against inequitable governments, laws or actions, the Social Media is indeed a tool to inform people. Information that could be easily manipulated or even censored in the newspaper and TV news channels, find its plain way through the Social Media. The blossom of the Social Media era has reached its height. Once stamped as a menace or even worse a mental enfeeblement to society, Social Media is now considered to be a

“Imperialists out of Africa!”

I was invited to a very interesting event in Cologne. Next to the huge, ancient Dom there was a crowd listening to the voice of Mudjacka Mvunuku. “We want to have the independence to vote without any influence from Europe. Just the voice of the people! Uhuru”, he says through the microphone. On the 28th November the Democratic Republic of Kongo is going to vote a new president. It is assumed that imperialists like Europe or America always have their

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