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Bullying ! The social Sin

Bullying! I could talk a lot, politics, music, so much that I like and understand with the palm of my hand, but I decided to opt for the more controversial path and talk about something that bothers me by your transparency, and international bullying everyone has heard but not everyone felt. I’m sorry if I gave a definition so late that many suffered from it and have not had any help! The word Bullying most shameful of the alphabet, destroyed

Culture in Portugal


Portuguese people are among the UE citizens with lower culture activity. A Eurobarometer study shows us that portuguese people are the UE citizens with lower rates in the participation of culture activities and Portugal is the country with the biggest lack of interest in reading. According to this survey more that 70% of the citizens didn’t went to the cinema for the past 12 months. Going to the theatre also does not make part of the plans of most portugueses, 87% said

When theatre is freedom

First, our ears catch the sound. Then it’s our eyes following the movements, going from fast to slow, from the random confusion to what seems  to be a rhythmic choreography. It could be some type of ritual. It’s nothing but people using theatre to feel free. That happens every Monday and Thursday, since 1981, when the Técnica University’s Rector Eduardo Arantes de Oliveira invited Jorge Listopad to create a theatre group (TUT). The purpose is, since then, to give a

German food: The Differences

It was my first day in Germany, the trip went well and everything was working as it supposed to be..apart from a little detail: it was also the first time I found myself shaking like a maniac the bubbly bottle. No I wasn’t drank and I guarantee it wasn’t a beer… After shaking it for like 5 minutes I started opening the bottle, quite slow, so the gas couldn’t get out and cause any damaged. In the next days it

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