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Our European Wishes

In the context of the refugee crisis we, as a project group of the European Youth Voice, organized an event to raise attention for the current European situation. In the cozy amosphere of making waffles and creating space to chat, we wanted to make people more aware of a perspective how a common European future could look like. For that reason we asked our fellow students to give their personal wishes. Here they are!

Peace for Everybody

During the last months, the young European Youth Voice’s reporters made many researches and thought a lot about a common European future – with our new neighbors from all over the world. Now it’s time to take action: After the great success of the first Raise Your Voice – the European Voice! movement with our continent’s citizens, the international project group stopped over in the Westfälische Hochschule’s foyer to catch attention for this important topic – and to give young

Modern Pirates

With a lack of a stable government in Libya and the uncertain administration of other Middle East and Northern African countries, the issue of migration is out of control, whilst smugglers and human traffickers are able to work in freedom. The lack of order has taken its toll with 4 million Syrians reported to have fled from the country in 2015. Another million have spread throughout Europe which has alarmed the continent. These traffickers also called the “Modern Pirates” are

Integration Instead of Resignation

A new year comes with new challenges, but can we actually expect a change? In the conversation with the Geography teacher Mrs. Tebart it becomes present that respect is one of the main forces to encounter integration. For more ideas and interesting facts listen to her interview and let us know what you think! http://www.europeanyouthvoice.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Podcast_3_mixdown.mp3

2016 – Facing Challenges

As I begin to write this article on the evening of new year’s day, thoughts begin to spin around my mind on what lies ahead as for the future of the European Union and the thousands of immigrants and families that are trying to reach their perhaps “Dream Destination” to a stable and rewarding life. Many countries in Europe are still trying to get out of the global economic crisis that they faced back in 2008. The immigration crisis has

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