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Münster – The historical 3 cages of St. Lambert’s Church

A town in West Germany, Münster, is popular of its story of the religious group of the Anabaptists. In 1534 Münster got recaptured and the 3 leaders of the Anabaptists got murdered. Their bodies were put into 3 cages on the tower of St. Lamberts Church. Recently there was a huge discussion about putting down the cages because of getting remembered of that act of cruelty. Nowadays the cages are still hanging on the tower in memory of the 3 Anabaptits. We interwieved

Who has the time?

The notion of time and time keeping is nowadays so deeply rooted in our reality that we seldom stop and wonder how this time business started in the first place. Why do we keep track of time and how have we become so time-addicted? The Benedictine rule introduced into Western culture the idea of regulated time, for Benedict believed that every waking minute should be consumed by labor either physical or spiritual. The monastic community was regulated by an uncompromising

For democracy and laicité

I’ve been wondering lately why France is having such a hard time dealing with immigration and multiculturalism. When I compare my country with England, where I lived last year, I see all the many differences that oppose them. Sure, England is no saint, it has its issues as well, especially lately regarding alleged police racism. But what stroke me is the way it deals with “ex-colonies” citizens. When I look at England, I think of the cultural and religious diversity

Islam in Germany

Nowadays students at school have seldom a discussion about life and religion of Muslims. They gain a knowledge about Islamic culture via Internet, TV and radio. Mass media give us rather a negative view of this culture or system of beliefs and values, show it in a bad light. This tendency has increased since 11 September 2001. Is Islam a problematic question in Europe nowadays? In the EU live 14 million Muslims. There are above 3 million Islam confessors in

Edna Brocker: “Facebook just gets you nervous”

Edna Brocker believes that facebook just gets you nervous. The war in Israel has no solution. Giving two or three years of youth to the army is not only a matter of need, but also surviving. As Essen’s Synagogue Museum Director she knows how it feels to be a Jew. Born in Tel Aviv, Brocker studied in Jerusalem and moved to Germany for one year of studies. The years passed and Germany became her second home. Edna Brocker and European

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