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Strategies? Stop blubbering like a baby…

As a youth worker, I find myself in the position of deciding which of these two is better: the local level or the European level. The second issue is „strategic thinking”. Tactics overwhelm strategies. Pragmatism overwhelms patience. These are my main topics and I would very much like to tackle them as strongly as possible and I will combine them into a major subject – the importance of strategy. As a Romanian citizen and a youth worker, things are getting

Why should Romanian students come back after studying abroad?

We can see an increase in the rate of discussions about the exodus of Romanian students to universities in Europe and the US and a decrease in the numbers of students that are coming back to Romania after that. Without going astray, we can conclude that the stories of Romanian students that remain abroad are mostly success stories while those who come back to the country of origin are sometimes daunting. Undoubtedly, the fact that Romanian students have access to

What is your relation to national sports?

People from different parts of the world think different things about their national sports. I asked young people from different countries of Europe about their relations to the national sports and how they feel about it. Maria from Bulgaria – Our national and the most popular sport is certainly football. The national team does not participate in 2012  UEFA European Football Championship, but  people in Bulgaria love football and hope that the Bulgarian team will be a part of the

Bucharest, the be(a)st from the East

London, Paris, even Oslo and other more climate unfriendly places – these are some of the most popular destinations amongst students who choose to study abroad in state capitals and large cities. But have you ever considered Bucharest, one of the biggest cities in Eastern Europe, recently added on the must visit map of every thrill seeking traveler, fashionista and modern art addict? Versatile since it was established, the capital city of blooming Romania is like a chameleon for the


Romania’s Csángó population is defined depending on the context and who makes that definition. A politically correct definition could be “the population (the Romanian and Hungarian speech with some variations) mainly from Moldova (Bacau County – North-East), of Catholic religion, with disputed origins: People who define themselves as living Csángós and other regions.” The Csángós are studied, not only for the analytical aspects of their identity in the context of Romanian society, but because they are a perfect illustration of

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