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EuroNews 12-2006, Editorial

The main focus of the last issue of “EuroNews” from 2006 was quite logically Christmas time. We asked our editors in the various countries “how do you celebrate Christmas?” And we received interesting and revealing answers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Germany, Greece and Romania. What we would like to reveal here: Christmas is celebrated in all countries, but every country has their own traditions. In addition, we received a report from a Spanish girl who spent a year

EuroNews 11-2006, Human Rights in Serbia

What can we do? The question of human rights is an actual issue now a day. A lot of humanitarian organization and Non Government Organisations (NGO) sectors are trying to help and do their best in order to prevent poverty, diseases and hate speech among nations and ethnical groups in the world. Human rights are our basic need, to be free to have our life, to decide for ourselves and to be respected no matter who we are, were we

EuroNews 09-2006, Memory: NIKOLA TESLA AFTER 150 YEARS

A man for all time … The one-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of the birth of great Serbian and world scientist – “electricity genius”, “master of lightening”, “man beyond his time”, “unaparalleled genius” – Nikola Tesla, was marked all over the world – from Belgrade, his native Smiljan, Graz, Niagara Falls … to New York. “Without Tesla’s inventions, the wheels of modern industry and traffic would stop, the cities would remain without light and factories would lay dead and useless”. I had to


A cup of coffee early in the morning means a lot, first of all, it can make you wake up, but it is not its only purpose. Coffee has a specific function to relax, but in the region of South West Balkan countries, it is an essential part of everyday life. Despite the fact that its origin comes from Brazil, coffee was brought in region at the beginning of the 13th century by the Turkish Empire. The whole South West

EuroNews 09-2006, First Meeting of the EuroNews Editorial Team in Cologne

The fifth issue of the EuroNews is online. After the start in April an the following issues of the EuroNews the international editorial team with participants from Serbia, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic met for the first time in Cologne from the 8. – 10. September 2006. The goal of the meeting was to look back on the development of the EuroNews and to share the experiences of the previous work. In addition to that the editorial team made

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