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Living “abroad” or how is it to be an Eastern on the West

Each of us have travelled somewhere…for a weekend trip, vacation or business trip. But can you imagine leaving your country and start living in some other part of the world? Surely you can, some of you already did. Is it harder to start living abroad or to move to the opposite side of your native country? Do you think it’s possible to be surrounded by your nation and still feel as a foreigner? Here are some thoughts of a young

The Olympic Games in Slovakia – only a dream?

People have still in their minds heroic achievements, world records and last but not least the electric atmosphere of the Summer Olympic Games in London and already on February 7 in Russia will be celebrated one year until the start of a new adventure – the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games! People from all over the world focus their attention on this extraordinary event. Slovakia can be another contender in the field – 2022 is our time. The Olympic Games

Edit Bauer: Egoism can be counterproductive in the EU

Edit Bauer is Slovak politician of Hungarian ethnicity. She serves as Member of the European Parliament with the Magyar Koalíció Pártja. Since the 2009, Edit Bauer is a member of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality and the Delegation for Relations with the Countries of South Asia. What issues are important to you in Europe? The project of European integration was built on different basis after the Second World War. Main goal was

The Gypsy problem: is there any solution?

On Sunday evening, 15th of April, 15-years old Peter walked through Czech town Břeclav, when three men asked him for a cigarette. The boy refused and consequently was brutally beaten by men, later identified as gipsies. As a result of his injuries, one of his kidneys had to be removed and his liver was damaged. Three years before similar situation happened in the Vítkov village, however with reverse sites. Four young radicals threw Molotov cocktails into the house habited by Roma

What is your relation to national sports?

People from different parts of the world think different things about their national sports. I asked young people from different countries of Europe about their relations to the national sports and how they feel about it. Maria from Bulgaria – Our national and the most popular sport is certainly football. The national team does not participate in 2012  UEFA European Football Championship, but  people in Bulgaria love football and hope that the Bulgarian team will be a part of the

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