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It`s christmas time…

  I was just wondering about Christmas. In the USA they believe in Santa Claus, but what about European countries? What is special for each country ? How do people celebrate Christmas? Well, I decided to tell you something about my Christmas. In Slovakia children don`t believe in Santa Claus. They believe in Ježiško (Jesus as a child). He brings presents under the christmas tree. In my family we decorate a christmas tree on Christmas Eve, especially I am the


Part III Central Europe  – “Central Europe? Now, that’s upper class history!” Poland “How many Polaks does it take to change a light bulb? One to stand on a chair and hold the bulb and the other two to spin the chair.” Why do Polish airplanes fly so low? So the pilots can read the street signs. You know you are from Poland when: 1. you know very well Pope John Paul II was Polish and his name was Karol,

Tolerance Congress successful!

September 2010, Banska Bystrica (Slovakia): 13 Nations signed a proclamation at the Tolerance congress of the European martyr cities and villages. Ioana Dinu and Danny Piel took part. Be tolerant and remember the National Socialism and their victims. This should be our aim in the whole life and longer. That’s why the Network of martyr cities and villages is important. The proclamation for extending, organizing and the way to go on with the Network of European martyrs cities and villages

Intercultural night, 07 November 2010

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and their customs: all together on Sunday night. We had a great time, we learnt weird Czech words and danced on Polish music. At last, we were really lucky sharing the same table with the Portugals, cause we could eat round cheese and all the olives they got. Do not forget about the German big stuff, called HARIBO – I freaked them out, sorry guys! – It was interesting to: •   

EuroNews 02-2007, Euroboard – News from Europe

Denial, son forbidden in Europe? Until summer 2007 the denial of the Holocaust and other genocides as well as the agitation of racism should be forbidden throughout Europe. A planned EU-decision intends to work against racism and fascism. The planned punishments of the denial of historical facts are controversial. Up to now the denial of the Holocaust is punishable only in nine of 27 EU states, namely in: Germany, Belgium, France, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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