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EuroNews 07-2006, Bureaucracy first – Travelling Dreams

Holidays with barriers Summertime – Traveltime. Also many young Serbians use the time to go to holidays. But it isn`t as easy as you think. Because reviuos to the beach advances the bureaucracy. After passing one or two faculty exams, student have found themselves in half-emptied Belgrade. Where have all the people gone? Does it have something with aggressive campaigns of tourist agencies inviting everybody to use vacation for the journey of life, to visit Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Bulgaria…Rare

EuroNews 06-2006, Education under change

Studying in Serbia How is it to study in Belgrade? Does it make sense? Is it democratic and fair? A closer look into the universities of Serbia. The personality of every invidious is often marked by that of “who we are, what we are and where we are going”. The question of “Who we are” is based on our nationality, origin, sometimes religion, further more it depends on whether we are good or bad, positive or obscure. “What we are”,