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Young, educated, and looking for a job!

Photo by Liva Romane

When Laura (23) started studies at The Faculty of Social Sciences in The University of Latvia she had to find a job to pay for her living so she started to work as a babysitter in the kindergarten. Asked how she managed to combine studies with a part time job, she tells that it was very hard: “I had to wake up at 7 o’clock, went to the early lectures, in the afternoon went to the work and got home

Student life in UK

Many young people from Europe dream about studying in the UK. Cultural diversity, freedom of expression, creativity and world class modules are some of the many reasons to pick a university in the UK.. But is the real life of an international student really this fun in the UK? Let’s find it out! We asked Markéta Zezulkova, originally from the Czech Republic who studies in the UK to answer a few questions related to the topic. To begin with, let

When theatre is freedom

First, our ears catch the sound. Then it’s our eyes following the movements, going from fast to slow, from the random confusion to what seems  to be a rhythmic choreography. It could be some type of ritual. It’s nothing but people using theatre to feel free. That happens every Monday and Thursday, since 1981, when the Técnica University’s Rector Eduardo Arantes de Oliveira invited Jorge Listopad to create a theatre group (TUT). The purpose is, since then, to give a