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They just can’t understand I have friends from other countries

What role plays nationalism in your country? What role it plays among young people? And do you find it dangerous? That were questions we asked ten young participants of intercultural week in Cologne. They provided us with answers from different countries of the EU to develop general picture about notion of nationalism in Europe. Georgi Georgiev, Bulgaria (21) In Bulgaria, nationalism influence mainly older people, who are already retired. It is because there is not much tolerance between different social

The fear of a national identity

When we talk about identity, we usually mean our personal identity. When we talk about European identity, we refer to our cultural identity in Europe. But what actually happens when we talk about national identity? Does it mean to celebrate your national soccer team during the world championship or to raise your flag in order to proof your national pride?  “Islam belongs to Germany.” German Federal President Christian Wulff expresses himself to the argumentative Sarrazin debates (Thilo Sarrazin wrote a

Tolerance Congress successful!

September 2010, Banska Bystrica (Slovakia): 13 Nations signed a proclamation at the Tolerance congress of the European martyr cities and villages. Ioana Dinu and Danny Piel took part. Be tolerant and remember the National Socialism and their victims. This should be our aim in the whole life and longer. That’s why the Network of martyr cities and villages is important. The proclamation for extending, organizing and the way to go on with the Network of European martyrs cities and villages