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Greece in our minds!

Last “European Youth Voice Seminar” took place in Athens, the capital of Greece. One of the main aims of this seminar was – for the participants from 10 countries (Poland, Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria and Spain) – to become more familiar with the situation in Greece and Europe in general during the Crisis, as well as, help us to understand some of the main principles of the Greek society and mentality which can only be

Retailing dreams: Or why I’m not moving yet to Germany.

5nd of Nov, 2010 (food for thought): The closer you are of achieving smth, the stressed you are you’re not doing it right, and because of that, I think I’m just trying too hard to find the perfect country to move to. It’s not like I’m going to find a serious, hard-working, not buzzing in your business nation that will adopt me. Or will I? I’d like a country where I can be financially secure. I’m not afraid of working

Being a tourist in Germany: Ruhr area

Do you know that feeling when you visit a new country? All the emotions, the expectations and the plans that you make for spending a great time there? Oh well, this is the same old story… or not. Why is it different? Because Germany is different, because it is a country where everything is happenning different from a region to another. As an example, even the education system is different in each area. The country is different even though each