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Frohe Ostern!

I have now been living in Germany for almost 3 months and I have to say, they have been 3 of the best months of my life (so far!). I have met loads of lovely people and had the chance to enjoy many new experiences. One of the best new experiences I have had happened quite recently. A German friend of mine invited me to join her and her family for Easter weekend and to experience a traditional German Easter

Estonia-the country where people sing

The Estonian Song festival is a tradition which Estonians have managed to maintain through decades. It it a very big festival where hundreds of choirs come together and sing national songs. It is also said that it’s one of the biggest choral events in the world. People come together in every five years in mid-summer on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The first song festival took place in 1869 in Tartu. In the first three festivals only men choirs and

The fear of a national identity

When we talk about identity, we usually mean our personal identity. When we talk about European identity, we refer to our cultural identity in Europe. But what actually happens when we talk about national identity? Does it mean to celebrate your national soccer team during the world championship or to raise your flag in order to proof your national pride?  “Islam belongs to Germany.” German Federal President Christian Wulff expresses himself to the argumentative Sarrazin debates (Thilo Sarrazin wrote a

German food: The Differences

It was my first day in Germany, the trip went well and everything was working as it supposed to be..apart from a little detail: it was also the first time I found myself shaking like a maniac the bubbly bottle. No I wasn’t drank and I guarantee it wasn’t a beer… After shaking it for like 5 minutes I started opening the bottle, quite slow, so the gas couldn’t get out and cause any damaged. In the next days it

Nationality today and Personal identity

From the lessons we were taught at school it would seem, that European nations have lived side by side with each other for the whole history of mankind.  Sometimes peacefully, sometimes fighting, but always as strictly distinct groups divided by a clear line.  But this view of the world is  quiet flawed. Surprisingly, the concept of nationality as a salient and widespread characteristic of a person doesn`t actually go further than the 17th century.  Till then, you would hardly hear