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Strange World We Live in

– Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America (1933-1945) Immigration is part of history. This process has been ongoing during the whole journey of man-kind. The reasons for these people to immigrate include both positive and negative factors, such as immigrating in order to reunite with their families or even due to negative aspects such as the hope of having a better quality of life due to the miserable conditions that they live in. But the current

Galicia: A warm and natural paradise

During the last European Youth Voice Seminar which took place in Madrid, we had several interesting presentations about the hometowns of each European participant. I would like to write this article about my hometown: Galicia, concretely the Galician area called Boiro, a seaside town located in The Rias Baixas (Lower Rias) a kind of sea inlet situated in the southwestern coast. GALICIA: LOCATION AND HISTORY *Country: Spain *Capital (Political): Santiago de Compostela *Provinces: A Coruña, Lugo; Ourense and Pontevedra *Area

The Many Faces of Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. The Indonesian archipelago has 18,307 islands and 8,844 that have been named according to estimates made by the Government of Indonesia. Indonesia is the fourth populous country on earth (behind just China, India, and the United States). Indonesia’s 2014 population is over 250 million people. Indonesian is the official language but there are many different languages native to Indonesia. Almost every island has its own dialect or another regional language (for example

The Vietnam experience

There are three stages in getting to know Vietnam. The first one started when I got off the airport taxi, in downtown Saigon at 2 in the morning. You feel like you don’t have enough eyes to see everything, to watch out for everything nor to acknowledge every blinking light and the truth is you don’t. The first night in Vietnam is all about the air vibrating, about the music of the omnipresent high heels (and short skirts), the clinking

Pack list

As promised I give you below a complete long journey packing list: light or not? You can decide on yourselves, my backpack weights around 17 kg. For a girl might be a challenge and not an easyone if you do not practice any sports. It’s going to be rough on my back as well, but hell we are young and foolish once J. The list includes some specifities to my trip, as I will be sleeping on night trains I

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