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Battle of the Culture Bulge

Living in a foreign country means getting used to a new lifestyle. Everything is different- the culture, the weather, the language. Some are capable of learning the new language, but sadly on my Erasmus in Germany, I wasn’t. Instead, I put my energy (and my stomach) to good use, and explored the different food. I heard about Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, but oh, I didn’t hear of the endless supply of bakeries filled with sweet pastries and treats galore. Of course

Emotional journey with Soulful Traveller

From the depths of emotions, she comes. From the depths of his soul, she comes. She comes… his music. So full of emotions, so deeply touching our souls with sweet, lovely whispering lyrics of all his mixes. She tells us a story about love, emotions, feelings. About how important love is. About how important is who you are. And there he is – Soulful Traveller (Nikolay Panov). This time I don’t want to follow the conception of introducing someone with

A cozy way to world peace

  Without a cent to the end of the world – the online community CouchSurfing.com makes it possible. It sounds like new extreme sport, but it’s way more comfortable. Ben Mock from Nelson, Canada calls it „the best possibility to travel and to be amid at new places“. For Kristina Wetz from Mainz it replaces the hostel and the guidebook at the same time. Mark Hansmann from Gelsenkirchen calls it an enrichment. Emilio Martinez from Faro, Portugal uses it as

Generation abroad

What is the reason for so many young people all around Europe, to leave their country for a certain time? Some reasons are obvious. Explore different cultures; improve your second language; get international friends and contacts; be independent or just upgrade your resume. No questions, if you study or do volunteer work abroad, it will be definitely good for these topics. But another reason for a lot of young Europeans is self-discovery. Many people I know told me that they

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