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My Hometown – Võru

Well, before you can hear about my hometown, try to pronounce it.  It is pretty tough, I know. Only real Estonian will cope with it. So take your time and visit Võru. The town is located in south-eastern Estonia. With its 13 000 inhabitatnts it is the 10th biggest town of the country. Võru was founded in 1784 according to the wish of Catherine II. If I should say out why I love the place then probably because it is the

Discover Europe by train

I always wanted to travel through Europe by train, but I thought it would need a lot of money, until Ι started searching on internet and realized that there are so many cheap options! Discovering Europe by train has existed for over three decades, but it remains one of the most popular ways to visit Europe! Many Europeans prefer to travel by train rather than by plane for many reasons. One of the main motivation is that is much cheaper

What is travelling truly about – Part I

 I wanted for some time to post an article on this topic, but I guess the meaning of travelling reveals itself in time and with the accumulation of more experiences. Therefore, I decided to split this post over several articles and thus to try to capture as many opinions as possible. In this first article, I decided to post, with her permission, an e-mail that my friend Laura sent me while visiting China. I think she describes perfectly the feelings