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From 80’s disco to future space sounds with room4space

The story of inspiration and what keep us together – music “See you again…” on repeat, a few months since I heard this track for the first time and I’m still wondering to write or not to write to these guys. I wanted so badly to have even one of them in our radio’s team… and I’ve listened to some mixes by room4space, which was my final push to write him. So I wrote him an invitation to join in.

What is happening in Turkey

This article is based on my friends’ stories, experiences from the protest actions and videos. It’s dedicated to them and their wish the whole world to see and hear what they want to tell. They fight for their rights, for their country and be sure it’s not that easy. I spent about 3 weeks in watching videos, reading articles, listening their stories and I can say it is really hard, psychologically hard to do it, and I cannot even imagine

Student – be active!

In 6-9 of May I was on some international exchange – “Student be active”. There were people from 6 different countries ( from Poland,  Latvia, Romania, Greece, Italy and Turkey) After two days of workshops we had a debate with experts. I was a moderator of group -ACTIVE STUDENT IN XXI  century There are our statments: We noticed that the situation is pretty similar in every country. The main motivations to take up some activity are: self-development and self-satisfaction, the

Sport is very important

There are many reasons to do sport It is good for the body and it is nice to sport with other people. When you come home after school and you have learned many times it is a good idea to relax. So a lot of people take chips and crisps or other bad things and watch TV. But you have no social contact with other people. And most of all you become fat when you do that many times. So

EuroNews 02-2007, From Greece: Comments on the EU

Fifty years after the creation of the European Communities System, Europe’s role as a world actor has obviously changed a lot! Today we belong in a common area not only in geographical terms but mainly in economical and political terms. The spirit of this action was to unite the different European nations into a common world and this could be achieved better through trade and economy. The common European market focuses on the principle of liberty, of not only goods

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